The “On The Spot Art Project", initiated by YINZI theatre independently, aims to invite creators in various fields to practice their creation. It’s a biannual stage exchange program. In the second session, it developed into "ONTHESPOT Experimental Arts Festival”.

The planning of the art plan is to show our understanding of the experimental theater, so as to show the artistic ideas of YINZI theater for avant-garde, experiment and creativity, hoping to inject more fresh possibilities into the current art creation through continuous activities.

The 1st "On The Spot" was from November 3 to November 23, 2013, with the theme of "multi cross-border experiment of stage art". We invited artists who was doing experimental exploration in voice, body, poem, drama and music to participate. There are not only excellent avant-garde artists, but also local youth creative groups. We hold successfully completed five performances, two workshops and two lectures. The content includes: Experimental music, Experimental device, Body performance, Script reading, Poetry and rock concert, modern dance.We attracted about 800 participants, and completed 2000 minutes of video and sound recording.

Activity overview:

Experimental sound scene , Mamul, Zhang Dong," sinner”

Patomine, Mianmian theatre Company, 1“A girl with long hair”

Experimental drama, Ren Mingxuan" Experimental Theatre Company,“A Perpetual Longing for a Fire”

Music scene, Fool’s Boat Band, Free Poetry Society, “Write your name on the water”


On The Spot Art Project

It's a simple plan, so send a signal and build a communication platform.
Create many interactive spaces where collisions are unpredictable.

Expectations, full of imagination and creativity; practical artists are involved in participating in a reasonable way, through practice; let us explore together:

How to discover, support, and achieve cross-regional and cross-form creative group exchanges?

How to establish effective methodology for cross-over creation;

How to build reasonable promotion approaches for independent creation;

How to promote new creation concept and encourage creativity of younger artistic generation?

How to promote new creation concept and encourage creativity of younger artistic generation?

With questions and confidence in answering the question as well as nerve of being suspected, we are on our way!

It is expected to absorb all kinds of positive energy in a balanced, orderly, healthy, and continuous manner, and inject it into the present with the expression of countless individuals.


Due to the impact of 2019-nCoV, our residency program will be closed until September 2020.

We are already accepting applications for the residency from 2020.10-2021.06.

Thank you for your interest about YINZI Youth Director Residency Project!

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