Second session

Regarding experimental art, for an experimental theater that has only existed for 6 years, we have raised such questions: "What kind of contemporary performing art scene will grow on the soil of Huangjueping, which is dominated by visual art.”

During these six years, our activities include: physical theatre, experimental sound scene, experimental concert, independent video exhibition, video and installation scene, dance theater, etc. We conduct workshops, lectures, forums, and collect independently fund for art festivals. We have cooperated with the Beijing Penghao Theater for three years, pushing the original work “ren xiang" to the 6th Beijing Nanluoguxiang performing arts Festival. In 2013, we were invited to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to meet theatre groups around the world. In 2014, we participated in the round table exchange about cross-border creation at TPAM in Yokohama. In 2015, we co-produced the dance theater with the Hong Kong Little Dragon and Phoenix Theatre Company, which is the first time that group from HK cooperating with the experimental theater based in mainland of China about dance theater.  We invited the founder of Japanese black tent --SATO Makoto to come to Chongqing to conduct workshops, and launched a China-Japan stage program that year. From then on , we have start a co-creative program with artists from other Asian regions.

We input International experimental art scenes to stimulate local art ecology, and also collaborated with independent producers in other cities in China to discuss hte building of Huangjueping performing arts ecology; we held a forum for dialogue between the government and art groups to provide suggestions for government cultural policy ; we held YINZI The Youth Director Resident Creation Program (YYDR) supports a group of young artists with great potential to build a co-production systerm; we cooperate with universities to serve as the executive curatorial team for the first China University Experimental Drama Biennial 2015, and cooperate with the Meishi College of Chongqing University Cooperate to conduct workshops and lectures on experimental drama; We promote theatre educations and visits about drama education, and also bring performances to Chongqing public welfare cultural institutions. We launch the YINZI Southwest Public Education Project and participated in the world's largest children's festiva l for two consecutive years (April International Children's Arts Festival in Denmark.)

We see a new force, a new group is rising in Southwest China; and they are willing to embrace danger, innovate, and present the Southwest look of contemporary Chinese performing arts.

——Founder of YINZI theater,Hu Yin


Due to the impact of 2019-nCoV, our residency program will be closed until September 2020.

We are already accepting applications for the residency from 2020.10-2021.06.

Thank you for your interest about YINZI Youth Director Residency Project!

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