The Third  and the 10th anniversary

The third ONTHESPOT experimental art festival, which started from the Traffic teahouse photography exhibition, will begin in December 2020 in Chongqing, China and Yokohama, Japan.

We launched this stage production plan for the discussion of subcultural space through the “Traffic teahouse ”, which was launched in 2015. So far, it has been four years. At present, 10 artists (China, Taiwan, Singapore) and 5 art institutions have participated in the project. At the end of 2017, we have carried out three-year exhibition of resident achievements. In January 2020, the "photography exhibition of traffic teahouse" was held in Yokohama wharf theater, Japan.This project represents the enthusiastic desire of YINZI Theater as a production center of independent performing arts in Southwest China, hoping to seek international joint production and international exchanges.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the next decade!


Due to the impact of 2019-nCoV, our residency program will be closed until September 2020.

We are already accepting applications for the residency from 2020.10-2021.06.

Thank you for your interest about YINZI Youth Director Residency Project!

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