YINZI's Southwest China Public Education Project originated from the founder Hu Yin's visit to the April Festival in 2015 in Denmark(the world's largest children's art festival). Developed in the E-COOL Feicity resident workshop program and 2017 MAYBE International Children’s Art Festival. September 2018, YINZI cooperated with Ping Pong Production and the famous Australian troupe Polyglot to expand covering Chongqing and Chengdu. In November 2019, YINZI Theater curated an immersive program --- technology mixed with drama for Chongqing Sciences museum, for both young audiences and family.

The YINZI Southwestern Public Education Project advocates the spirit of sharing, encourages independent thinking of children in China, inviting visual artists, performing artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals to bring cross-border creations and workshops. We hope that this project could connect the professional with the public, present an artistic scene of humane care and equal cooperation.