YINZI 100+

Thank you for choosing the YINZI 100+ Performing Arts Workshop planned by YINZI Theater. This is a bridge we have built for professionals and the public through performing arts. There are both a professional mentor team and caring course teachers.

  • For adults—Dance Workshop

    All you have to do is let go of thinking, take off guard, follow intuition, follow suit to guide or respond. Self-awareness, keep a keen eye on the people and environment around you; you need to care for yourself and others, and you also need to be loved

For the Youths—Immersive Art Class

It is a new type of experiential art that combines human's "five senses" by focusing on seeing, listening, touching, smelling, participating and interacting. The immersive art experience presents the infinite charm of the combination of art and technology, redefines the relationship between visitors and art, and guides visitors to think about the nature of the human body in art. The immersive art experience class is aimed at children and teenagers, creating an immersive space that stimulates children's creativity and imagination, activates the children's sensory and perceptiveness, and take them to roam freely in the ocean of art.