MAYBE International Children's Art Festival2017.5.19-6.4

MAYBE International Children's Art Festival is independently curated by YINZI Theater, in cooperation with Yuan Museum of Contemporary Art.This is a public arts festival in education innovation for the youths. Our main partners are: April Festival(in Denmark), The Ask ,Film-Video-Animation School of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and other well-known theatre platforms. This is the first international children's arts festival in Chongqing combines with performances and exhibition.

"MAYBE" spirit

1.Humane care

We need a public space with humanistic care in the city, let us slow down at that moment, calm down, talk to art, and link with primitive human instincts.

2. Cross-border between performances and exhibition.

The Subversion Festival approaches a fixed type of art category, interspersing exhibitions and performances.

3. Short the distance between the profession and the public

Let the art itself be academically accessible to the people and return to the process of public participation, return the academic dependence to a more intimate "style", and establish a new type of human geography coordinates in the city with first-class scenes and high-quality communication.

4. Equality and collaboration

Children are never an adult preparation period, and profession is never a patent for education. We look forward to children's creativity stimulating the brains of adults, and adults bend down to look at the world with child’s eyes.