Cooperate with universities

Our vision is through cooperating with universities/campus to inspire young people's innovation and vitality in contemporary performing arts, present interdisciplinary art scenes, and establish academic archives.

We invite students to work with famous artists, directors, producers and curators of YINZI theater, participate in performances and workshops, and discuss the developing trend of contemporary performing arts.

YINZI theater works with many local campus since its establishment in 2010. We have maintained a close cooperation with the neighboring Public Art academy of Sichuan Fine Arts institute as offering short courses and etc. Since 2014, we have also cooperated with the Film and Animation Academy, the Department of Sculpture, and the Experimental Art Academy , which are all belong to Sichuan Fine Arts institute.


2015 First National College Experimental Drama Biennial

Hosted by: The Film and Animation Academy of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Co-Curator: Chongqing YINZI Theater

Venue: Luo Zhongli Art Museum

Number of participants: 3000+ person Number of works:10. Number of performance:24

2019 1st YINZI One-Act Plays Season

Director: Wang Xi, Zhao Hu

Stage art Support: POKO cross-media studio

Venue: YINZI Theater

Number of participants: 3000+ person.   6 performance

About work: three comedies from Ding Xilin, three Russian classic solo acts