Administration Center

YINZI 3C center, located in E-cool art park, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing. The center assists YINZI theater to establish an independent performing arts archive management system and undertakes the promotion of YINZI theater's experimental art scene to Asia and even the world.

At the end of 2018, YIN YUE culture launched YINZI 3C center, which is located in E-COOL cultural and creative park, Liangjiang new district, chongqing. 3C is: culture+creative+communication, which will assist the YINZI Theatre in refining its production plans for the next three years, including: residencies, co-productions, festivals, and other projects, establishing an archive of YINZI's independent performing arts, and undertaking the promotion and exchange of its experimental arts scene for Asia and the world.

Curatorial team

Our core curatorial team is most from Sichuan fine Arts institute post-graduates, focus on interdisciplinary creation work, based in Chongqing. We also involving excellent overseas students and establishing a joint production system with many excellent independent producers and curators from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai, etc.


YINZI theater has been actively interacting with universities in Chongqing since its foundation. It is not only an internship base of Public Art College and Film-Video-Animation School of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute but also the School of art and television of Chongqing University, Chongqing Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology and other universities in Chongqing. It is committed to providing employment guidance for college and university groups, but also regularly organizes public welfare activities and goes into the community to link with surrounding communities.

We are still:

Member of International Society of Performing Arts

Core member of Hong kong West Kowloon Cultural District

Member of IPANDA

Member of Chongqing Dramatists Association