YINZI Youth Director Residency Plan

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Long termShort termCommunications & Visit

We will open our residency program application from January to March every year to arrange the plan for that year.

Through residency, you can participate in our art festival and learn about the creative ecology of local artists. Visit and communicate with local art critics and local art institutions.

Why Residency?
Residency is a means of communication and co-operation,which means temporary migration, not only to bodies, but also thoughts and the courage. There will be unknown possibilities and fresh stimuli that will contribute to a new round of mutual inspiration.

YINZI Southwest Public Educational Project

WorkshopArt FestivalCooperate with universities

Thank you for choosing the YINZI 100+ Performing Arts Workshop planned by Yinzi Theater. This is a bridge we have built for professionals and the public through performing arts. There are both a professional mentor team and caring course teachers

This project advocates the spirit of sharing, encourages independent thinking of children in China, inviting visual artists, performing artists, designers, architects and other creative professionals to bring cross-border creations and workshops, which could connect the professional with the public, present an artistic scene of humane care and equal cooperation.

ONTHESPOT Experimental Festival

Residency, commissioning, presentation, pitching

An experimental art festival on a biennial basis, independently initiated by the YINZI theater.It expresses the process of our understanding of the art of small theatre as a way to showcase the...

Types: cross-border exhibitions, experimental drama, dance theatre, soundscape, improvisation, performance art, physical theatre, forum, dialogue, etc...

First sessionSecond sessionThe third session


  • The stage can be shifting, and communication can be no border. We have joint planning with E-COOL to expand this three-year-old urban culture-related plan from a concentrated composer workshop and concert to an exhibition, theater performance, dance,resident...

  • It is the first Chongqing pioneer art fair integrating music scene, dance scene, environmental drama, fashion street beats, art derivatives, creative market, new media interaction and installation art...

  • This one act performance is a more traditional academic work, provided that the drama itself is respected. Through the cooperation with Chongqing Yinzi theater, a channel for university works to go to the market is established...

  • Welcome to Chongqing, the largest city in China. With the support of YINZI 3C center, it’s better for us to help artists produce works effectively. The most important thing is to develop (international) influence.The YINZI 3C center team uses their expert...