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YINZI Youth Director Residency Plan(YYDR)Communications & Visit

Types for resident visits: Producers, Critics, Dramaturgy etc.

Time: 2-7 days

We hope to help you get close to the independent art ecology and local performance market in Chongqing through visits and exchanges. We also invite you to assist in the curating and implementation of the YINZI ‘s Art Festival, supply your suggestions on the current development of YINZI theatre and explore the possibilities.

Some producers from the April Festival in Denmark, from Performing Arts Bureau of West Kowloon Cultural District Hong Kong, and other independent producers had participated in this project.


Due to the impact of 2019-nCoV, our residency program will be closed until September 2020.

We are already accepting applications for the residency from 2020.10-2021.06.

Thank you for your interest about YINZI Youth Director Residency Project!

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