City Variations Public Art Project

The stage can be shifting, and communication can be no border. We have joint planning with E-COOL to expand this three-year-old urban culture-related plan from a concentrated composer workshop and concert to an exhibition, theater performance, dance, resident creation, workshop, performance art, installation, video art as a public art scene.

Activity Overview

In "City Variations- International Artists' Night", we brought "I forgot where we were" dance theater, which helping the smooth hearts and creates a dialogue in urban people. This story based on the encounters and separations in the streets of London.

In "City Variation- Measure the city", the dancers disrupted the passers-by dancer's path and established a new behavior order with the lines in her hand. When we re-enter the space, "She" may change the way we view things Way or just our point of view.

In "City Variation- City Memories", the three-year residency results of the Traffic Tea House independently produced by YINZI Theater were present. We invited directors, actors, architects, producers, students, artists, etc. from different places to participate in the discussions of the subcultural space.

In “City Variation—City Environment”, we continued the Pin tree sculpture planted in March 2017, so that the abandoned items can be reborn by artistic means, and awaken the public's awareness of excessive waste. At last, YINZI Theater cooperates with POKO Cross-media studio using this tree as one-person and one-story environment theater.